Genie Garage Door Opener Aladdin Smart Home Upgrade

Genie Aladdin Connect - Installed
Genie Aladdin Connect – Installed

I’ve been investigating ways to make my garage doors on my home “smart”. My overall goal is to implement them into Home Assistant. I’ve been investigating various options to do this including do-it-yourself with ESP modules (which I’ve used for a lot of other parts of my home automation).

My home is only about 3 years old and came preinstalled with a “dumb” Genie garage door system that does not have smart capabilities. I decided to investigate the official upgrade option offered by the company via their Aladdin smart home upgrade kit as it only cost about $60.

In this guide I’ll cover installing the upgrade kit for Genie garage doors and how well it performed. I’ll also cover implementing it within Home Assistant. Let’s get started!

Hardware Used

Genie Aladdin Connect
Genie Aladdin Connect

The Genie Aladdin Connect smart home upgrade kit can support up to 3 doors and works with Home Assistant as well as Alexa / Google Assistant / a cloud app / more.


Checking Existing Garage Doors

First you should make sure that you don’t already have a model of Genie garage door opener that already has WiFi / smart capabilities. The models that have it will look like this:

Genie WiFi Enabled Garage Door Opener
Genie WiFi Enabled Garage Door Opener

If your garage door openers have either the WiFi or Aladdin Connect logos on them (like the ones seen in the above picture) then you already have a WiFi / smart home enabled unit.

Unfortunately the ones that the builder used for my home look like this:

Genie - Non-WiFi Garage Door Opener
Genie – Non-WiFi Garage Door Opener

No WiFi icon in sight. The current opening system for the door looks like this on the wall:

Genie - Old Garage Door Openers
Genie – Old Garage Door Openers

You can see that all of my wiring is hidden in this setup behind the wall. Fortunately the Aladdin Connect unit can be wired directly to my existing control panels. My plan is to put the new panel right next to them.

Upgrade Kit

Now let’s take a look at the components in the upgrade kit:

Genie Aladdin Connect Upgrade Kit
Genie Aladdin Connect Upgrade Kit

There are a few different options available to wire the system. If you look at my picture of the quick start guide above one option is to mount the unit above the garage door unit. This may be a better option for some people and I’ve seen lots of installation videos where people did use a setup like that.

You can see the power brick on the left hand side. There’s some tape over what is actually a screw to help the unit stay securely plugged in even against the ceiling.

The garage door sensor that detects whether the door is open or not is in the center with the mounting bracket on the left hand side of it. We can also see the included wiring to wire the garage door unit to the WiFi-enabled control panel.


Genie says that I can wire this new unit right into the back of my existing units. This will allow me to not have to run any additional wires anywhere. My wiring is all hidden within the ceiling and behind the walls so this is a major plus.

First I needed to take out the screws of the existing panels so I can easily access the back and run some additional wires for me to plug the Aladdin Connect unit into. The back of my units looked like this:

Genie Old Wiring
Genie Old Wiring

Yep, that looks pretty easy! All I need to do is run wires from my existing units to the new unit to integrate the smart home capabilities into my existing system.

I used the provided wiring and hooked everything together in a test setup like this:

Genie Aladdin Connect - Test Setup
Genie Aladdin Connect – Test Setup

These just plug right into the back of the Aladdin unit in the positions “Door 1” and “Door 2”. After testing to make sure everything worked I moved on to installing the door sensors:

Genie Aladdin Connect - Wireless Door Sensor
Genie Aladdin Connect – Wireless Door Sensor

After making sure this worked it was finally time to clean everything up.

Final Installation

I used the provided anchors to clean up the wiring and mounted the unit on the wall. The final result looks like this:

Genie Aladdin Connect - Installed
Genie Aladdin Connect – Installed

And here’s a wider shot:

Genie Aladdin Connect - Installed (Wide)
Genie Aladdin Connect – Installed (Wide)

You can see everything is right up above my fridge. This was a convenient installation spot for me since there is a plug already back there to provide AC power for the Aladdin Connect.

Adding to Home Assistant

To add your garage doors to Home Assistant go to Settings -> Devices and Services. Click “Add Integration” in the bottom right of the screen and look for “Aladdin”:

Home Assistant - Aladdin Connect Integration
Home Assistant – Aladdin Connect Integration

Once you’ve added the integration the devices will show up in your Home Assistant instance like this:

Home Assistant - Genie Garage Door
Home Assistant – Genie Garage Door

Not only do you get easy one click up and down arrows to open and close the garage. The arrows become dim and bright depending on whether the garage is already closed or not.

In other words you also get sensors. You can also tell the status of the doors within Home Assistant.

You can tell that both garage doors are already shut in the screenshot above because both of the up (or open) arrows are lit up bright white while the other ones are gray.


I’m very happy with how this turned out. I evaluated a lot of options such as using a ESP32 module like I’ve done to automate many other parts of my home. When I investigated this option though I really didn’t like what I was seeing or how it would turn out. I would have had to run a lot more wires, connect directly with both head units and a whole bunch of other things.

Of course if this device wasn’t supported by Home Assistant I wouldn’t have chose it. The smart home integration is actually really nice in this case and I found this to be an acceptable solution for my overall goal (which is having everything in my home be managed and controlled from Home Assistant).

My advice for anyone doing smart home upgrades like this is to evaluate the options and see what makes the most sense for you. I’d imagine that for most people who have an existing Genie system that doesn’t have smart capabilities that this will be the cheapest and best option for them. It will also give you the best final result.

Although this is still a proprietary solution it’s not subscription based which was an acceptable compromise for me for this system. If I have any trouble later on I’d likely replace the system with garage door head units that support the type of WiFi and smart home integration I want out of the box. Since this is only a 3 year old system though buying the upgrade made sense to me in this case!

I have more smart home upgrade articles coming such as my Zooz Z-wave door/window sensors that came today. I will be using these to replace my Ring door and window sensors as I’ve almost completely eliminated my need to keep paying for a Ring subscription. Keep an eye out for that coming soon!

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Jerry Newburn
Jerry Newburn
8 months ago

Do the existing garage door opener wireless control buttons still work and the homelike garage door openers in the car still work and / or do not need to be reprogramed.

Jerry Newburn
Jerry Newburn
8 months ago


Razor Burn
Razor Burn
1 year ago

Outstanding job James as it looks like a smarter idea updating your existing setup as opposed to going the alternative route using say Pico or ESP32 and I love how well it integrates with Home Assistant so well.

I’m not sure about others but I’m really digging these Home Assistant posts as you go into great detail explaining your process and the step by step guides are really informative so thank you and I can’t wait to see the next instalment of the series.