Minecraft Bedrock Edition – Ubuntu Dedicated Server Guide

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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Logo

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the version of Minecraft that powers the iPhone / Android versions (formerly Minecraft Pocket Edition), the Xbox / PlayStation / Nintendo Switch editions and the free Windows 10 Minecraft edition.

Mojang has released a dedicated server which is considered to be in alpha testing.  I have found it to be very stable and able to run on a wide variety of hardware.

This script and guide are written to help you get a robust Minecraft Bedrock dedicated server up and running in only a few minutes!


  • Sets up fully operational Minecraft Bedrock edition server in a couple of minutes
  • Ubuntu / Debian distributions supported
  • Fully operational Minecraft Bedrock edition server in a couple of minutes
  • Sets up Minecraft as a system service with option to autostart at boot
  • Automatic backups when server restarts
  • Supports multiple instances — you can run multiple Bedrock servers on the same system
  • Updates automatically to the latest version when server is started
  • Easy control of server with start.sh, stop.sh and restart.sh scripts
  • Optional scheduled daily restart of server using cron

UPDATE 12/10/20 – Multiple instances are currently broken due to the Minecraft Bedrock Edition dedicated server opening up a set of ports it is not supposed to. Official bug is here on Mojang’s official website. This should fix itself eventually as it has nothing to do with this script but is in fact a bug in the server itself but for now be advised multiple instances don’t work. Single instances of the server are still fine.


Recommended Gear


I strongly recommend a Solid State drive (SSD) for your server. This is because Minecraft is constantly reading/storing chunks to the disk which makes I/O performance very important.

These are much cheaper than they used to be. Here’s a decent 120 GB one (higher options available) at a very low price:

Kingston A400 2.5″ SATA SSD

The Kingston A400 has been a great drive to use for years. It’s reliable, widely available around the world, has low power requirements and performs very well. It’s also very affordable. This drive has been benchmarked over 1000 times at storage.jamesachambers.com and is the #1 most popular SSD!

Links: AliExpress.com*, Amazon.ae*, Amazon.ca*, Amazon.com*, Amazon.com.au*, Amazon.com.mx*, Amazon.co.jp*, Amazon.co.uk*, Amazon.de*, Amazon.es*, Amazon.fr*, Amazon.in*, Amazon.it*, Amazon.se*

If you have a M.2 NVME slot in your motherboard you can go with a high end drive. This will give your server maximum performance even if a large number of players are running around on the server changing blocks and triggering disk writes.

This is the one I have in my machine. These range from 250 GB to 2 TB depending on how big your server might grow:

Samsung 970 EVO Plus

The Samsung 970 EVO Plus is a fantastic drive and has fallen in price substantially. It’s widely available around the world. The smaller capacities (such as the 250GB version) of this drive are perfect! This is the top performance option without going into the “Pro” series of the lineup which are much more expensive.

Links: AliExpress.com*, Amazon.ae*, Amazon.ca*, Amazon.com*, Amazon.com.au*, Amazon.com.mx*, Amazon.co.jp*, Amazon.co.uk*, Amazon.de*, Amazon.es*, Amazon.fr*, Amazon.in*, Amazon.it*, Amazon.se*

Computer / CPU / Memory

Almost any PC made in the last few years will be a x86_64 bit computer. If you have an older computer around that isn’t being used then it will most likely have the right CPU and amount of memory to run a basic server.

Throwing a SSD in one of these older computers will provide an excellent server experience for small and larger player counts.

Cheap SBC Option

If you don’t have an old PC laying around or want something that is more portable and uses much less power than a PC consider the Intel Compute Stick. It’s a Intel X86_64 with 1 GB of RAM for around the same price as a Raspberry Pi.

Intel Compute Stick*

Intel Compute Stick
Intel Compute Stick

The Intel compute stick is just a little bit bigger than a USB flash drive and is powered by Micro USB. I developed this entire script and guide using one originally.

If you choose this option check out my guide for how to install Ubuntu Server 18.04 on the Intel Compute Stick

Mid Range Option

A very small and quiet 4 GB server. Just wipe Windows off it!

Mini PC, Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Processor 4GB*

Higher End Option

This is the highest I would go before just buying a used PC from somewhere to use. The upside of this is you are covered by manufacturers warranty and are getting brand new up to date hardware.

HP EliteDesk 800 Mini*

Getting Linux

I highly recommend using Ubuntu Server to run the Minecraft dedicated server. It is available here: https://ubuntu.com/download/server

At the time of writing the current version is Ubuntu Server 20.04. This is a secure and robust operating system and will leave plenty of resources available for the server to run.

The script should run on any Debian based flavor of Linux but since the Minecraft Bedrock server is compiled natively for Ubuntu I recommend sticking with it. If you have a GUI flavor of Ubuntu and a decent PC (>= 2 GB of RAM) the server will work just fine on it.

Download the image and write it to a USB drive. If you are on Windows Win32DiskImager is a easy to use program to do this. Now boot the computer from the USB drive and follow the installation instructions.

Make a note of the IP address during installation or alternatively log into your home router and see what IP address the machine was assigned. You’ll need this later to connect to the server from the Minecraft client.

Note: Users have reported in the comments that Ubuntu 16.x is no longer working with the latest official Mojang binaries. Ubuntu 18.04 is the minimum requirement for the latest versions, and 20.04 is recommended!


Log into your Linux server either using SSH or a mouse and keyboard and paste/type the following command:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TheRemote/MinecraftBedrockServer/master/SetupMinecraft.sh
chmod +x SetupMinecraft.sh

The script will setup the Minecraft sever and ask you some questions on how to configure it. I’ll explain here what they mean.

“Start Minecraft server at startup automatically (y/n)?” – This will set the Minecraft service to start automatically when your server boots. This is a great option to set up a Minecraft server that is always available.

“Automatically restart and backup server at 4am daily (y/n)?” – This will add a cron job to the server that reboots the server every day at 4am. This is great because every time the server restarts it backs up the server and updates to the latest version. See the “Scheduled Daily Reboots” section below for information on how to customize the time or remove the reboot.

That is it for the setup script. The server will finish configuring and start!

First Run

The server will start up and start displaying output to the console.

[2019-03-30 20:25:12 INFO] Starting Server
[2019-03-30 20:25:12 INFO] Version
[2019-03-30 20:25:12 INFO] Level Name: Bedrock level
[2019-03-30 20:25:12 INFO] Game mode: 0 Survival
[2019-03-30 20:25:12 INFO] Difficulty: 1 EASY
[2019-03-30 20:25:20 INFO] IPv4 supported, port: 19132
[2019-03-30 20:25:20 INFO] IPv6 supported, port: 19133
[2019-03-30 20:25:23 INFO] Server started.

Once you see the “Server started” line you will be able to connect from the client.

To add the server to the client open Minecraft and click “Play”. Then at the top of the screen select the “Servers” tab and click “Add Server”.

This will ask you for a Server Name and Server IP Address. For the name you can put anything and for the server IP address put the address of your Linux server. Leave the port as the default 19132. For more information on how to let people from outside your network on go to the “Port Forwarding” section below.

Now choose the server you just added in the list and connect!

Start, Stop and Restart Server

The server can be started, stopped and restarted two different ways. You can use the provided scripts in the Minecraft folder or you can use systemctl. Here are the commands:

cd ~/minecraftbe


sudo systemctl start minecraftbe
sudo systemctl stop minecraftbe
sudo systemctl restart minecraftbe

Automatic Backups

The server backs up each time it starts. This helps you recover easily if something goes wrong. This system works best if you configured the server to restart daily since it means you will have a backup every day.

To access these backups type:

cd ~/minecraftbe/backups

When a backup is made the filename will be the date and time the backup was taken. If you need to restore a backup it’s very easy. Substitute the timestamp in my example to the backup you want to roll back to. Type:

cd ~/minecraftbe
rm -rf worlds
tar -xf backups/2019.

Your world has now been restored! It’s a good idea to download these backups off the server periodically just in case the server’s storage fails.

Installing Resource Packs / RTX Support

For instructions on how to install resource packs (including optional RTX support) view my step by step Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Server Resource Packs guide here.

Scheduled Daily Reboots

The daily reboots are scheduled using cron. It’s very easy to customize the time your server restarts.

To change the time that the server restarts type: crontab -e

This will open a window that will ask you to select a text editor (I find nano to be the easiest) and will show the cronjobs scheduled on the server. The Minecraft one will look like the following:

0 4 * * * /home/ubuntu/minecraftbe/restart.sh
Crontab's syntax layout
Crontab’s syntax layout

There are 5 fields here. The default restart time is set to reboot at 0 minutes of the 4th hour of the day (4 AM). The other 3 fields are left as * to represent every day of every month. Make any desired changes here and press Ctrl+X to exit nano and update the cronjob.

To remove the daily reboot simply delete the line and save.

Reconfigure / Update Scripts

The scripts can always be reconfigured and updated by downloading the latest SetupMinecraft.sh and running the installer again. It will update all of the scripts in the Minecraft directory and reinstall the startup service for you.

Running SetupMinecraft.sh again will also give you a chance to reconfigure options such as the memory dedicated to the server, daily reboots, starting the server on boot, etc.

This will not overwrite your world or any other data so it is safe to run!

Port Forwarding

If everyone on your server is on the same LAN or WiFi network as you then you don’t need to do this. If you want people to connect from outside your local network then you need to set up port forwarding on your router.

The process for this is different for every router so the best thing to do is just look at your router and find the model # and put that in google with port forwarding for easy instructions on how to do it for your specific router.

You want to forward port 19132. The type of connection is both TCP and UDP. On some routers you need to do both a TCP entry and then a second entry as UDP.

Once you do this people will be able to connect to your Minecraft server through your public IP address. This is different than your local IP which is usually a 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x. If you don’t know what that is just go to google and type “what’s my ip” and Google will kindly tell you!

Wired vs. Wireless

Going with an ethernet (wired) connection is going to be faster and more reliable. There’s so much wireless traffic and other interference in the air that running your server on WiFi is not recommended.

Even if it is working great 99% of the time it can ruin your experience very quickly if the WiFi drops for a couple of seconds and you get blown up by a creeper!

All that being said, the server works fine on wireless. The script will work fine as is with a wireless connection.


The Minecraft Bedrock Edition dedicated server runs much better than previous third party servers in the past that were missing critical features. The performance is very good even on low end hardware. It has never been easier to set up a Minecraft Bedrock server.

If you have any feedback or suggestions let me know in the comment section. A lot of the changes and developments in this script and guide are directly from readers.

Have fun!

518 thoughts on “Minecraft Bedrock Edition – Ubuntu Dedicated Server Guide”

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Hey Chris,

      I am not aware of one for Bedrock like you would use for the Java version. The Bedrock version seems to use much less memory overall than the Java server as well which helps a lot.

      It seems to manage memory differently so I wouldn’t worry too much about it unless you are having issues!

  1. Avatar for IainO

    Just want to pop in a comment to say “thank you”! I set up a Bedrock server on AWS Lightsail using your script and it’s worked flawlessly. Brilliant work, thank you so much!

    Completely unrelated to your script, we are noticing a weird slow down across the server that seems to be linked to “Autocompaction” that runs every 6 minutes on the server. Any idea what this is? I can’t seem to find any server.properties related to this, in order to tweak and see if that’s really the cause of our slow down.

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Hey IanO,

      Thanks for the kind words! I too am not aware of any options to control the autocompact behavior in Bedrock version either unfortunately.

      I do have a thought though, is this server running on a HDD or a SSD? The autocompact is a write operation to the disk so if you are feeling a noticeable slowdown during these operations the only thing really within your control would be use a higher performance storage device. If you have any spare SSDs (even old style ones) laying around it may be worth a try running the server files off the SSD or just imaging it with a OS and trying it on there.

      I know it’s a lot of work but depending on how bad it is it may be worth the effort. If it’s running on a 5400 RPM HDD or something like that it would definitely explain why you can “feel” it on the server!

  2. Avatar for Justin Cooper-Marsh
    Justin Cooper-Marsh

    Great tutorial. I have a server with both java and bedrock now.

    My question is, I spun up another bedrock server, same host but different server ports. My xbox will only see one lan game.

  3. Avatar for Serge

    Hi James!
    I’ve installed the server a few days ago and have just reinstalled it by downloading and running last SetupMinecraft.sh in the same directory with the same answers. But I still have a result ‘Outdated server’ while I try to connect. I’m new in minecraft (while I’m Linux kernel programmer), so I do not know where to find server version but I think it is the last at the moment. And I use Android client I downloaded a week ago.
    What should I do to connect?

  4. Avatar for Tim

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the great guides, really simple to follow!

    I’m really just a beginner with Ubuntu and servers and all the Linux commands. So keeping this in mind am I better installing Ubuntu desktop and installing the minecraft server? I figure I can go headless eventually once I learn more. Would the desktop version be to heavy on my computer resources?

    Cheers, Tim

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Hey Tim,

      If you have the 4-8GB Pi or the Pi 400 I would not worry about it at all and use the desktop version. It’s much easier to get into it for beginners. You have a more familiar GUI and then can open the console app to run the commands. It’s a pretty slick experience on the Pi.

      I would go with the latest Ubuntu 20.10 version for the best/smoothest experience. I’ve done some testing on it and it feels really great! Only if you are using a Pi with a 1 – 2 GB capacity would it get in the range where I would say you will have a better experience on CLI only. Hopefully that helps!

      1. Avatar for Tim

        Hi James, wow I did not expect a reply that quickly, thanks!

        I installed the desktop version of the software on an old htpc, Intel gen 4, now running headless. It seems to be working well.

        I didn’t think it could run successfully on a rpi?

        Cheers once again,


        1. Avatar for jamesachambers

          Hey Tim,

          Sorry my bad, I replied quickly but I didn’t realize I wasn’t talking in a Pi thread! I had also just replied to 3 other messages that were in Pi threads and my mind wasn’t keeping up apparently!

          That should be a fantastic setup. Running native x86_64 I would say that the server is much more efficient than the Java version (especially with memory). It’s written in C++ so it’s compiled code and it seems to perform very well even on low powered devices. The rub with the Pi is the ARM part for sure!

          I’m glad you found success, cheers to you as well!

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Hey Mikhail,

      This is related to the “online-mode” in the server.properties file. It means that players need to be signed into Xbox Live to log into the server. Sometimes it can also mean your server is having trouble communicating with Microsoft’s authentication servers.

      Here’s some information from the Minecraft wiki:

      # If true then all connected players must be authenticated to Xbox Live.
      # Clients connecting to remote (non-LAN) servers will always require Xbox Live authentication regardless of this setting.
      # If the server accepts connections from the Internet, then it’s highly recommended to enable online-mode.
      # Allowed values: “true” or “false”

      You can try adjusting this to see if it alleviates the problem! You would just edit server.properties and change the “true” value for online-mode to false and then restart the server.

      If this has already been changed to false or you know you changed this value to false then try changing it back to the other way and see if it works. In that case your authentication wasn’t being sent to Microsoft on a platform that required it. It can be situational which is why they have this option in there (for example very secure firewall setups that can’t contact Microsoft’s servers but are all on PC, like a classroom etc).

      This may or may not work depending on the platforms involved. Some platforms require you to be logged in and have a working connection with Microsoft to play at all like some of the consoles, etc. If this is the case you may need to figure out what is going on with the connection or server setup that might be blocking Microsoft authentication. If this is a cracked/patched/non-legit version of Minecraft then you will need to turn this off since Microsoft will never authenticate a cracked client and they won’t be able to play unless it is disabled.

      You usually want to leave this on unless you have a reason to disable it as it can break certain types of cross-platform play and internet play. If everyone is playing on the PC on LAN it’s probably fine to shut it off but if someone is trying to connect from an Xbox or some of the other consoles it’s going to prevent that. You are also limited to LAN only in this mode (thus the “online-mode” name of the option). Not 100% sure if Android/iOS will allow it or not. Give that a try and let us know!

  5. Avatar for Chad Perry

    Hi All,
    Has anyone else had a version issue connecting to your minecraft server? My Win10 client says server out of date. My client is V.1.16.201. My server is V.
    Am I missing something here? Before this my server worked flawlessly for about a year.

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Hey Chad,

      There was an issue where Mojang updated the web site to reject “spider” connections. Long story short, you just need to download and run SetupMinecraft.sh again which will update all your scripts. Make sure to take a full backup and have copies before you do this but it’s pretty easy and painless.

      When SetupMinecraft.sh asks you for the server label just put in the folder name of your existing server and it will detect it’s already there and upgrade the scripts instead!

      I have fixed several other things as of late as well so give updating to the latest a try here and let us know if it is working then!

        1. Avatar for jamesachambers

          Hey zym,

          It should work theoretically, but it is on a separate port. The IPv6 server port (19133) is different than the IPv4 one (19132) so check for that first.

          Here’s a link to a bug report that may help too with some troubleshooting steps from the devs: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/BDS-4646

          There’s a good chance it’s the “client” that is the problem or the device that is connecting. Do you have other devices that can run Minecraft you can try with using IPv6 to narrow it down?

      1. Avatar for Chad Perry

        Hi James,
        I have successfully updated the scripts. The Server did not automatically update. I manually installed the latest version. I cannot get the server to load my old world. I have updated server.properties but no luck. Help!

  6. Avatar for Morty

    Thank you for this script and the guide!
    I wanted to move the server to a different location and I manage to edit everything so all the scripts and the .service are directed to the right location. The server is running perfect and starting up at boot.
    But, I was wondering if it would be possible to edit the install script so I can then select where the server should be stored? That would make this job more easy.

  7. Avatar for Oli

    Hi James,
    Me again!
    Just thought I’d post here in case anyone else found it useful.
    I needed to know when people were connecting and disconnecting, but Minecraft server does not timestamp its log output on it’s own, so I added the following to /etc/screenrc:

    # ——————————————————————————
    # ——————————————————————————

    logtstamp on
    logtstamp after 10
    logtstamp string “%d/%m/%Y – %c:%s\012”

    This adds a timestamp after 10 seconds of inactivity, and then again before the next line, in the format:
    29/01/2021 – 22:29:30
    the double quotes and ‘\012’ escape were needed to make it add a new line after each timestamp.
    You could also add the above to ~/.screenrc if you only want to affect the screens for a single user.
    Now, all output in the log files in ~/minecraftbe//logs has the required timestamps.

  8. Avatar for Jack Lankford

    Hi James! I am having an issue starting the server. I have setup the server completely but when I go to start it, it gets to the “[2020-01-24 17:17:04 INFO] Level Name: LCSN Whitelisted SMP” part in the starting process and then it says “[screen is terminating]”. Do you know how to fix this issue?

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Hey Jack,

      We may need to go to the logs to find out some more information. Can you check the logs folder?

      One thing to check: does your level name have spaces in it? I think that line is okay but I have seen spaces and symbols in level names cause problems like this before so I thought I would throw this out there.

      If you can pull the log file it should tell us why the server is terminating! Feel free to paste it here as well, web space is cheap these days!

  9. Avatar for Lloydy

    Love the script! Set up a server in the small hours last night when the kids were asleep. There was a grumble this morning that their seed was not the same as the server I had set up on my first attempt. I think I used your script to get the server installed >and then< changed to the seed they wanted to use. Is the world generation a one time thing? Is there a way to reset and generate a world with the new seed? TIA. Lloydy

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Hey Lloydy,

      The server will start one time before you’re able to change the seed. This means that the starting area will be generated before your seed takes effect. You can just shut down the server and set level-seed= and remove the “world” folder to force it to regenerate with your seed.

      You’re very close but if they’ve made new things on the new seed they will be lost when you remove the “worlds” folder so I wanted to give you the heads up first! Also, backup everything before attempting to remove any folders of course!

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      On most Linux you can use “ifconfig” which is like “ipconfig” on Windows basically. If you don’t have it installed already you can do a:

      sudo apt install net-tools -y

      if you’re using Ubuntu and it will spit out your server’s IP address!

  10. Avatar for Matthias Sack

    Hi James,

    after runnig my server for a few days with the world I transferred form another server, the server crashed down a few times. I only started the mc server again with start.sh and everything was fine again.
    Now, after the last “normal” restart and backup at 14:00h, it crashes down every time I log on onto the server with the following crash report:

    OS: Linux
    Server start: 2021-01-21 14:09:25 UTC
    Dmp timestamp: 2021-01-21 14:10:54 UTC
    Upload Date: 2021-01-21 14:10:54 UTC
    Session ID: 746fc4c9-81cf-4d47-b1bf-0cb5fffc662b
    Commit hash:
    Build id: development
    CrashReporter Key: 8c4937c1-64cb-3532-a8dc-1deb28f67293

    [INFO] at std::__shared_count::__shared_count[std::__weak_count const&, std::nothrow_t] (UnknownFile:?)
    at std::__shared_ptr::__shared_ptr[std::__weak_ptr const&, std::nothrow_t] (UnknownFile:?)
    at std::shared_ptr::shared_ptr[std::weak_ptr const&, std::nothrow_t] (UnknownFile:?)
    at std::weak_ptr::lock[] const (UnknownFile:?)
    at Village::getBedPOICount[] const (UnknownFile:?)
    at Village::tick[Tick, BlockSource&] (UnknownFile:?)
    at VillageManager::tickVillages[Tick const&, Vec3 const&, BlockSource&] (UnknownFile:?)
    at ServerPlayer::tickWorld[Tick const&] (UnknownFile:?)
    at std::function::operator[][Player&] const (UnknownFile:?)
    at Level::forEachPlayer[std::function] (UnknownFile:?)
    at Level::tick[] (UnknownFile:?)
    at ServerLevel::tick[] (UnknownFile:?)
    at GameSession::tick[] (UnknownFile:?)
    at Minecraft::tickSimtime[int, int] (UnknownFile:?)
    at Minecraft::update[] (UnknownFile:?)
    at ServerInstance::_update[] (UnknownFile:?)
    at clone (UnknownFile:?)

    Is that am problem, that I can manage by myself, or is there a bigger problem runnig my server?
    If I connect with another player, the server is runnig since the other player is runnig to the same place. Unfortunally the place is my homebase with all my stuff. 🙂

    Greeting Matthias

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Welcome back Matthias!

      I have seen something like this before. It has been a while since I’ve done it but sometimes there is corrupt attribute data in your player profile or your map file. It looks like in this case the map is the culprit.

      Just looking at the error it seems like it’s a problem with one of your villages. It’s trying to get the count of Beds in the village which is used for a bunch of mechanics like if there’s room for the villagers to breed/reproduce, etc.

      I found other people with similar error messages here: https://github.com/itzg/docker-minecraft-bedrock-server/issues/122

      and here: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/BDS-7551

      It sounds like it’s a corrupt chunk somewhere in the map files! Do you have a backup from before this happened?

      There is a way to remove corrupt chunks but I wouldn’t call it easy. Here’s a link to a reddit thread where they describe a tool you can use to remove it: https://www.reddit.com/r/MCPE/comments/holbwt/i_need_help_chunks_seem_to_be_deleting_from_my/

      If you can figure out what chunk it is you may be able to repair it by replacing just that one chunk from the backup. It’s going to take some more reading and research though I think!

      1. Avatar for Matthias Sack

        Hi James,
        thanks for the infos.
        I made a step back to early mornig of the same day and removed all beds around my home, for now it seems to be stable again.
        If this error (or another on) occours again, where is the right place to post it so the developers can take a look at it and maybe fix the problem?

        1. Avatar for jamesachambers

          Hey Matthias,

          I’m glad you were able to get it restored and functioning with a backup!

          I think they’ve seen this before but they marked it as “resolved” in the bug I linked previously. If it continues to happen it may be worth opening a new bug there to let them know that is still happening! The place to do it would be the same site (bugs.mojang.com). Hopefully that helps!

            1. Avatar for Matthias Sack

              Hi James,

              after a few days working, the same error occours again. I found the following thread, maybe it ist also something for yout interrest:

              For now, it seems to me, that there are only two possibilities for me right now: first is to change to Win10 and the second one is to step to an older ubuntu version without updating the system. I’m a technical programmer, but stepping back the c and c++ packages on an ubuntu system is to big for my skills. (Sorry for my english, I’m from germany and I don’t use it often :-))

              1. Avatar for jamesachambers

                Hey Matthias,

                Don’t sweat it about your language skills at all, I’m just gratified you and many others that have visited from around the world can speak mine well enough for us to communicate! I’m guilty of using slang and improper grammar that would make my English teachers cringe which doesn’t help either. I feel like I would struggle to accomplish the same feat as all of you have by being multilingual. My only foreign language exposure has been taking Spanish in High School!

                I fear you might be right about this crash/bug. Judging by how many different bug reports there are out there for this exact same error it definitely seems like this is a “thing” and wasn’t just a fluke or a one time corruption.

                Can you think of any changes that are being made to the area that would cause this? Is anything being built there like a monster farm/redstone contraption/etc? The crash seemed related to the bed count in the village. Is the village being harvested for resources or are any beds being stolen/moved around from the village?

                Are you using Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) or are you using a newer version than that like 20.10? My last testing was done on 20.04 LTS and I didn’t run into this problem but maybe I wasn’t testing/playing long enough to experience it. I haven’t had anyone else come back here and report this yet (you’re the first) but judging by the bug that I posted and the one you posted this exact issue has definitely happened to other people.

                Once we step into the technical programming side of things you’re probably more of an expert than me but the only explanation I can think of to explain this behavior is that maybe there was a change in the C/C++ libraries in how they parse/handle/store some of the map/village data that results in different behavior than older versions/Windows. If you’re on 20.10 I would try 20.04 and if you’re already on 20.04 then I guess 18.04 (although now a little dated) would be an option and is likely still using the older libraries.

                I’m very interested to see which version you are on and what you find out!

                1. Avatar for Matthias Sack

                  Hi James,
                  yesterday I installed the Win Version of the dedicated server on my working PC and copied the world files to it.
                  The village, which is causing the error, is on I build by myself incloudig two villager breeder, sorting machines, many farms and stuff like that.
                  Afer installing on Win, I placed a afk player in a redstone gold/EXP farm near enough to the city (about 6 chunks away from the village) and made 230 lvl over night without any crash. So what I can say for now is, that the other player with the problem are right, it doesn’t happen on Win Version. To save a lot of time, I’m going to use the Win Version as long as the developpers have not resolved the problem and make a step back to ubuntu with the next version of the dedicated server.

                  1. Avatar for jamesachambers

                    Hey Matthias,

                    Thanks for the additional information! I think that explains why I haven’t seen this more. You’re doing some of the more advanced activities that I think a lot of people never experience!

                    I don’t blame you for wanting to just use Windows in your case. Corrupted chunks/blocks are no joke! They’re actually a little bit easier to deal with in Java because there’s a lot of tools that let you edit and fix problems like this but there really isn’t a lot of equivalent stuff out there for Bedrock!

  11. Avatar for Chris Beasley

    Thanks you for this guide and the scripting work. I’m sure it took several hours to complete and test. FYI, I wanted to run two servers on the same box. I did the simple fix and added a “sleep 60” command to the start.sh of the second server. Works great!

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Hey Chris,

      I’m glad the sleep tip is helping people, thanks for letting me know. I may try to integrate this right in the setup script asking if you want a startup delay since this is helping out a lot of people!

  12. Avatar for Oli

    Hi James,
    Thanks a lot for all your work on this. It’s much appreciated.
    Regarding multiple server instances, I read the bug you raised in Mojang Jira – I came across the same issue when hosting mutiple servers on a Windows machine using my own scripts. I got around it by sequencing the start of the servers, such that the standard port server always opens 1st, followed by non-standard port servers.
    I wonder, are you planning any work-around for the isse to allow multiple servers? Could you suggest a work-around that could be easily implemented in your script?
    Thanks again.

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Hey Oli,

      That’s actually really interesting! I would love to implement a workaround to fix multiple ports into the script. I actually have never heard of a viable workaround!

      So I will have to investigate further but I do have an idea you can try right off the top of my head given the information you’ve shared. Years ago I was asked here in the comments if it was possible to implement a startup delay. I’m thinking based on what you said this would be very easy to use for this purpose.

      We can add a startup delay to the servers not using default ports so they start up later than the default ports one and that one is always first.

      This could be done in either the systemd service or in start.sh. To add it to the service you can edit it with:

      sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/yourservername.service

      We are going to add the following line in right before the ExecStart= line:

      ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 30

      An even easier way to do this would be to put a sleep 30 line in the start.sh file for the server that needs to start up later than the one with the original ports. I think this would be worth a try! If it works I could definitely figure out a way to have the script automatically set this up!

      1. Avatar for Oli

        Hi James,
        Thanks for the tips. Good news!
        So I now have two servers installed – scout_server_001 and private_server_001.
        scout_server_001 is hosted on ports 19132/19133
        private_server_001 is hosted on ports 19134/19135
        All I did was add the private_server_001.service to the After= directive in the systemd service file:

        pw-minecraft@pw-minecraft:~$ cat /etc/systemd/system/private_server_001.service
        Description=private_server_001 minecraft server
        After=network-online.target scout_server_001.service

        And it works! Now after a reboot:


        NO LOG FILE! – setting up server logging…
        [2021-01-21 18:12:39 INFO] Starting Server
        [2021-01-21 18:12:39 INFO] Version
        [2021-01-21 18:12:39 INFO] Session ID 1fa8c3dd-50ff-43ea-828b-548a3c52eb95
        [2021-01-21 18:12:39 INFO] Level Name: 91st Survival Camp!
        [2021-01-21 18:12:39 INFO] Game mode: 1 Creative
        [2021-01-21 18:12:39 INFO] Difficulty: 0 PEACEFUL
        [INFO] opening worlds/91st Survival Camp!/db
        [INFO] IPv4 supported, port: 19132
        [INFO] IPv6 supported, port: 19133
        [INFO] IPv4 supported, port: 40382
        [INFO] IPv6 supported, port: 51145
        [INFO] Server started.
        [INFO] Player connected: EpicDanLee, xuid: 2535424402080193


        NO LOG FILE! – setting up server logging…
        [2021-01-21 18:12:40 INFO] Starting Server
        [2021-01-21 18:12:40 INFO] Version
        [2021-01-21 18:12:40 INFO] Session ID 826495b7-3be3-4a9b-8655-f5f95bd7a55a
        [2021-01-21 18:12:40 INFO] Level Name: Bedrock level
        [2021-01-21 18:12:40 INFO] Game mode: 0 Survival
        [2021-01-21 18:12:40 INFO] Difficulty: 1 EASY
        [INFO] opening worlds/Bedrock level/db
        [INFO] IPv4 supported, port: 19134
        [INFO] IPv6 supported, port: 19135
        [INFO] IPv4 supported, port: 54005
        [INFO] IPv6 supported, port: 54184
        [INFO] Server started.

        I feel I should probably do some more testing to check if it’s deterministic, and also will report back what happens when the cron jobs run tonight, but looks good so far!

        1. Avatar for jamesachambers

          Hey Oli,

          That is fantastic news! I’ve been thinking of how to implement it into my setup script and I think it should be relatively easy. Basically the main server on the default ports will have no startup delay and the others will have a startup delay.

          For servers with multiple setups the script may recommend some tuning but it would be very easy to have it support at least 2 without any hands-on tweaking like loading a chain of servers in sequence or anything like that.

          Thanks for letting me know! It doesn’t seem like Microsoft is going to fix the dedicated server port bugs any time soon so this is definitely a worthy workaround!

          1. Avatar for Oli

            Hi again James,
            Sorry for the delay in reply.
            I have also noticed the scout_server_001 is crashing everytime it does periodical restart and backup at 4AM.
            You may have to incorporate staggering the cron jobs as well as the server start up.
            Let me know if you make any progress!

              1. Avatar for Oli

                Hi again,
                I just added 10 minutes to the cron job of the non-standard port server, and now all is well for several days.

                pw-minecraft@pw-minecraft:~/minecraftbe/private_server_001/logs$ crontab -l
                0 4 * * * /home/pw-minecraft/minecraftbe/scout_server_001/restart.sh
                10 4 * * * /home/pw-minecraft/minecraftbe/private_server_001/restart.sh

                Cheers 🙂

  13. Avatar for Zerrikan

    Great guide! Do you have a guide on how to install resource packs for this version of Minecraft on Ubuntu server that I’ve setup by following this guide?


      1. Avatar for Zerrikan

        Thanks! I noticed that he guide seems to be geared towards windows based server installs? Would that translate somewhat to ubuntu?

        1. Avatar for jamesachambers

          Hey Zerrikan,

          The servers are identical on any platform. I personally don’t host a Windows one and didn’t write either guide using a Windows server. I just showed how to modify some of the files within Windows since the fastest/easiest way for me was to WinSCP in from a workstation but it doesn’t matter how you edit them and there’s nothing platform specific.

          You can use FileZilla or modify them by hand using vim/nano from Linux or a keyboard/terminal to make the same changes. It’s just text and you can edit them however you feel comfortable!

          We’ve actually tested transferring files between my Bedrock Linux server setup and the Windows Bedrock dedicated server verbatim only replacing bedrock_server with bedrock_server.exe and vice versa and it works, the files themselves are completely platform neutral fortunately!

  14. Avatar for Matthias Sack

    Hi James! Great thing, I made my own server runnig, thanks for that.
    Is it possible to import a wold from another server runnig the same version? I malde a backup there and got a file called “world.mcworld” where “.mcworld” is a renamed “.zip”. Inside the file there ist the normal bulid of a minecraft world (folder db, level.dat, level.dat_old and levelname.txt).
    I just tried to copy the files to the wold folder of my server, but the server starts with an IO error.

    thanks in advance

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Hey Mattias,

      Most of the time it has been the permissions after copying. Do a:

      sudo chown -R pi ~/minecraft

      You can substitute pi with your username but basically we’re taking ownership of all the files in the Minecraft directory!

      Depending on the IO error it could be corruption or a bad copy but 90% of the time it has been permissions related. Can you give that a try and see if it will go after a reboot?

      1. Avatar for Matthias Sack

        Hey James,
        works perfect! In addition to that, I also eddided the server property file and changed the name to the value from the levelname.txt and made a new folder in “worlds” with the same name. Now everything is running fine and as fast as I hoped.

        so thanks man, you made my day (and the day of my daughter :-))

        Greetings Matthias

  15. Avatar for Justin S

    I have 2 servers set up for my son, and found that they were stuck at 1.16.40 – no auto update because the “internet connection” test URL “https://minecraft.net/en-us/download/server/bedrock/” currently suffers from a redirect, so the update fails. I had to change it to “https://www.google.com/” in start.sh – works beautifully now!

    1. Avatar for jamesachambers

      Hey Justin,

      Sorry about that! That was actually fixed a little while ago. What happened is Minecraft made it so that if you “spidered” the server it redirected or gave you an error.

      The new version no longer uses the spider parameter to test for internet connectivity. The workaround you did works too!

      1. Avatar for Justin S

        Ahh, excellent – yeah, I have had these VMs running for quite some time, and had complaints when my son tried to join yesterday, so spent some time forcing updates without the connectivity test (just hashing them out) then went to work making the script function properly whilst unattended.
        I had not heard about the “anti spider” issue, so just changed the address and away it went.

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