New Trezor Native Ethereum Wallet Beta Guide / Features

Trezor Ethereum Wallet Beta Main Page
Trezor Ethereum Wallet Beta Main Page

The Ethereum support on Trezor was traditionally just a link to a third party service where you had to log in through the web interface and export your keys every single time. You can’t even see your balance until you do this!

Fortunately true native Ethereum support has arrived for Trezor in the beta! Not only that, but ERC20 token support was also added which has made Trezor now an extremely capable Ethereum hardware wallet. The beta wallet supports all Trezor wallet devices including Trezor One.

In this article we will examine these new features in depth and give a final verdict!

Supported Hardware

Trezor One*

Trezor Model T*

How to Access Trezor Beta Wallet

To access the Trezor Beta wallet you need to use a different URL. Before I give you the URL please understand that you should not click any unofficial links to any wallets given to you by anybody. You can’t afford to ever make this mistake as even hardware wallets have been attacked via phishing links that look and act like the wallet but are fake.

To access the Trezor beta wallet the original URL of will need two modifications. Wallet will change to beta-wallet and you will add a /next/ at the end of the URL. The final result looks like this:

Once you go there you should see a notice telling you that you’re entering beta territory:

Trezor Beta Wallet Warning Dialog Box
Trezor Beta Wallet Warning Dialog Box

You will be prompted to update to the beta firmware. Make sure you have your wallet recovery seed with you just in case. I didn’t have to enter the recovery seed on mine after the update but depending on what version you have you may need to enter it.

Trezor Native Ethereum Wallet

Now that you are upgraded to the beta you can open the new native Ethereum wallet. When you select Ethereum on the beta you will see this screen:

Trezor Beta Wallet Ethereum Selection
Trezor Beta Wallet Ethereum Selection

You can now select which wallet to access. If you still have balances on your old accounts you can select to go to them the way Trezor always has (open the web site, access Trezor to export view key).

Select “Go to Trezor Ethereum Wallet” to access the new beta wallet. It will look like this:

Trezor Ethereum Beta Wallet Main Page
Trezor Ethereum Beta Wallet Main Page

And there we go! It looks and works just like using Bitcoin or any other natively supported coin.

Adding ERC20 Tokens to Trezor

Look underneath the balance section of the wallet’s main page and you will see a Tokens section. Here you can start typing in a token name or address and it will add that to Trezor.

Once you do this you will see the balance show up in that section. If you look at my screenshot above you can see that I have 8.4 Basic Attention Token (BAT) in my Trezor wallet.

Once you have added the ERC tokens you want they will be available in other parts of the wallet such as sending.

Sending ERC20 Tokens from Trezor

Once your tokens have been added sending them is now available from within the Trezor beta wallet. If you head to the “Send” tab it will look like this:

Trezor Beta Wallet Send Ethereum / ERC20 Token Dialog Box
Trezor Beta Wallet Send Ethereum / ERC20 Token Dialog Box

Select your ERC20 token from the dropdown and you can send it directly from your Trezor wallet without ever touching a web browser!

Note: If you see an option to update your fees make sure you do! Fees on the Ethereum network can change very rapidly and you don’t want to overpay (the default fees before updating can be pretty high) or underpay (very long confirmation times).

The Verdict

This beta is excellent and I highly recommend upgrading immediately. The beta has been out for a while now and Trezor themselves are confident enough to wholeheartedly recommend using the beta version if you want access to these features.

Trezor’s wallet can now easily manage both Ethereum and ERC20 tokens without ever exporting your keys or touching a browser again!

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