Backing Up Valheim Local Worlds and Characters Guide

Valheim is still in early access which means there are definitely still bugs that can cause big headaches. One of these is called the “world eater” bug where your world will be reset to pristine condition (as if you’d never built anything). This can happen both locally and on dedicated servers.

It’s very easy to take a backup of your worlds and characters. This guide will show you how to do that so you can protect yourself from having to repeat previous progress (or all progress) due to bugs!

Backup Valheim Dedicated Server – World Folder Paths / Guide

Backups during Valheim’s early access period are extremely important. My dedicated server has already experienced the dreaded “world eater” bug. One time was during the very first update and the second time was during a routine restart. What happens is the world will be exactly the same (generated from the same seed) but any modifications/buildings/anything you did will be gone.

This guide will show you where to find the files and how to back them up/restore them!

Fixing Valheim Dedicated Server Lag – Modify Send/Receive Limits

Valheim is a really fun game where you are basically a Viking in purgatory trying to get to Valhalla that recently entered early access. It honestly works pretty well (I would say especially compared to recently ‘AAA’ titles like Cyberpunk). There are definitely still some issues though and a very common one is lag on a dedicated server.

This guide will show some methods you can use to help reduce lag on your Valheim dedicated server!

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